Glycerol dispenser GD500

The liquid dispenser that delivers glycerol

Suitable for:

DeLaval glycerol dispenser GD500 will help cut your feeding costs.

Core benefits

  • Designed for dispensing glycerol
  • Robust diaphragm pump
  • Glycerol 1/3 price of propylene glycol
  • Connects to ALPRO™ herd management
  • Connects to DeLaval FP204X

As the name suggests, this liquid dispenser has been specifically designed to deliver glycerol, which is 1/3 the cost of propylene glycol.

Many existing dispensers are equipped with roller (peristaltic) pumps, which are not able to pump glycerol due to the high viscosity of the liquid. However, DeLaval GD500 is equipped with a robust diaphragm pump that easily handles glycerol, despite its thickness.  

DeLaval glycerol dispenser GD500 has been in use in Germany for over one year and is winning plaudits for its robustness and reliability.

Technical Data

Max.flow Power comp. Current comp. Net weight
l/h Bar Watts Ampere kg
05 07 37 0,16 2,3


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