Introducing LactiFence – Protection You Can See

NEW to DeLaval Canada, LactiFence™ is a lactic acid based barrier teat dip that lasts from one milking to the next.

LactiFence provides effective disinfection immediately after milking and forms a thick film, offering your cows a persistent, physical barrier against environmental bacteria that lasts for up to six hours.  The synergistic blend of active ingredients provides optimal teat disinfection, while the rich emollient mix hydrates and softens the teat skin. Furthermore, thanks to its high viscosity and green appearance, the film clings exceptionally for optimum teat coverage and protection you can see.

Protection you can see – for up to 6 hours

Barrier technology creates an elastic film with prolonged disinfection to protect against mastitis. Plus, the highly visible appearance lets you SEE the protection.

Advanced LactiSyn™ technology

Unlocks the power of lactic acid, providing a broad-spectrum disinfectant

Safe for skin and milk

Lactic acid is natural in milk and non-irritating to skin, plus it helps exfoliate and removes hyperkeratosis. The rich mix of emollients in LactiFence hydrates and softens teat skin with allantoin to help heal.

Easy to Use

Ready-to-use formula, high viscosity for optimal coverage and drip-free to eliminate waste

Tested and Proven

Both clinical trials and in-vitro studies back its fast, effective germicide and teat skin conditioning properties

Give your cows the ultimate protection against mastitis - call your local DeLaval representative today!


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