Calf management

High lifetime productivity of cows – it all begins with the right calf management

The success of the dairy farm relies on the success of the calf management program – the better the start in life, the more certain the chances that the animal will develop as a healthy, productive and profitable asset in the dairy herd.

Of course, it’s not quite that simple. There will be health, feeding and productivity challenges all through a dairy cow’s lifecycle – but some of the greatest challenges lay from before birth to the first six months of life.

Generally, heavier, well-developed heifers become pregnant earlier, produce more milk during their first lactation, live a longer life and perform better.

These pages are dedicated to the calf management aspects of each of the critical development periods up to six months.

You can choose specific areas of interests in the links below, or click on the icon right to read Calf Management: efficient rearing makes a big difference.

It’s well worth your time to take a closer look.


The importance of colostrum

Feeding for high growth rate

The importance of hygiene

The right diet

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