Cow comfort – the cornerstone to a longer productive lifespan

This cow produces more milk and lives longer because it is healthy

A healthy cow will produce more milk and live longer. Cow comfort has a direct influence on how long your cows are healthy and productive.

Milk production, a cow’s daily challenge 

A cow has to move 25,000 litres of blood through its udder in order to produce 50 litres of milk. This is equal to a human running a marathon. Few of us would attempt this without making sure we were injury free, in peak condition, and had the right foods, liquids, amount of rest, etc. Imagine if we were expected to do this every day.

We at DeLaval believe in a holistic perspective when caring for hardworking cows. It is quite simple really; cows that are healthy and that are housed in a comfortable environment produce more milk and generally live healthier, longer lives.

It is a good idea both from a holistic and financial perspective to look into improving your cows' health. You can do this by improving their environment. Your cows need a soft and clean resting surface plus sound footing. Cows should be able to behave naturally and stand or lie down easily. Make sure they have access to plenty of good quality feed and clean fresh water. The water should also be easily accessable.

Ventilation is another important issue, make sure your barn has good ventilation. Your cows will be uncomfortable and milkproduction will decrease if the air is too warm or too cold.  

Take care to improve all these areas and you will be rewarded with healthier, happier cows who produce more milk.

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Children drinking milk from healthy cows

Meet with a DeLaval cow comfort specialist  

For farmers who want to improve milk production on their farm it is possible to book a meeting with a DeLaval cow comfort specialist both for planning new projects and for improvements on your farm. For instance, when DeLaval assists a farmer with a new barn our planning experts take a broad range of aspects into consideration - from climate and local feed supply to optimal cow traffic, and the ideal stalling and lighting set-up.

The Cow Comfort program

The Cow Comfort Program can be carried out independently by one of our specialists from behind the feeding table or together with you in the barn. The six parts of the program have been identified as key areas that offer significant benefits to the well-being of your herd and thus contribute to longevity and profitability. They are also relatively simple, i.e. they do not require long-term interaction with specialist consultants. 

The Cow Comfort Program involves an onsite evaluation of your barn by one of our specialists. They will carry out a 6-stage assessment of the barn and recommend any improvements that can be made in order to bring it up to the required standard.

The evaluation covers the following areas:

Cow comfort

Kukomforten har direkte innvirkning på hvor lenge kyrne dine er sunne og produktive.

...has a direct influence on how long your cows are healthy and productive.

Book a cow comfort assessment!

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