DeLaval hoof cleaner HC40

Suitable for:

The health of hooves and legs is crucially important for dairy performance, cow longevity and production economy.HC40 is a gentle and effective hoof-cleaning soap that will help you fight off lameness.

Core benefits

  • Gentle hoof-cleaning soap
  • Excellent soil removal and clearing of interdigital area
  • Regular use helps to prevent soil build-up and maintain cleaner hooves
  • Concentrated solution

A regular foot bathing programme is the best preventive tool for minimizing infectious hoof problems. HC40 is a gentle and effective hoof- cleaning soap that can be used as part of a two-stage cleaning process which involves first cleaning the hooves and then sanitizing them.

Use DeLaval hoof cleaner HC40 as pre-cleaner in a hoof-cleaning bath just before the sanitizing with DeLaval 4Hooves disinfectant. Pre-cleaning helps to remove soil and debris and improves contact between the hoofbath solution and hoof. This ensures the effectiveness of the disinfectant.


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