Milking sleeves

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Milking cows is the backbone of dairy farming and DeLaval knows that farmers have to meet high hygienic requirements to produce quality milk. Because this task is so important, we have designed two versions of these hygienic and comfortable sleeves especially for milking. 

Core benefits

  • Ensures that milking is dry, safe and comfortable
  • Protects the clothing of the milker

Advanced milking sleeves

A sleeve designed with increased comfort in mind. These sleeves feature soft neoprene cuffs with velcro adjustments at the top end. There is an elastic band between the sleeves to keep them in place. Available in small, medium and large sizes in order to fit different wrist sizes, these advanced sleeves are constructed from PVC / polyester material and are available in DeLaval blue. 

Regular milking sleeves

These regular milking sleeves are made from durable  PVC / polyester material and are elasticised at both ends and held together by a strip. One size fits all. These sleeves are available in DeLaval blue.

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