DeLaval TMR mixers

DeLaval TMR mixers

With TMR (Total Mixed Ration) feeding, animals receive the same mixture and feeding is performed in groups rather than individually. A quality mixer ensures optimum feed mixes, easier distribution and many other benefits.

The right equipment is critical. To meet this need DeLaval provides a full range of  mixing systems for various types of farms.They include the DeLaval vertical mixer (VM), DeLaval horizontal mixer (MW), DeLaval horizontal stationary mixer (HSM) and the DeLaval vertical stationary mixer (VSM). Mixer wagons can be connected via the weighing system to feeding software, known as Optimat™ management software, in order to reduce feeding costs and increase farm profitability. DeLaval mixers provide an excellent ration mix and simplify distribution to the herd. They are powerful, effective, robust and reliable.

The mixer of your choice

DeLaval delivers the best solutions for each individual  farm. Choose from vertical or horizontal mixing systems.

Which type of mixer would be best for you?

  • If you have a bunker silo to store feed and height limitations in your barn, choose a horizontal mixing system (HM or HSM).
  • If your feed mix includes round bales, long straw, a lot of dry material and your barn is not height-restricted, choose a vertical mixing system (VM or VSM).

DeLaval mixer wagon delivers

  • Fluffy mix
  • Correct filling
  • Correct distribution
  • Optimal mix
  • Optimal structure
  • Ration calculation



  • Increased dry matter intake
  • Reduced sorting
  • Increased milk yield
  • Increased rumen activity
  • increased chewing activity, stabilization of pH
  • Reduction of  nutritional disorders

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