Buffalo milking

Buffalo milking close-up buffalo

DeLaval provides buffalo farmers with systems and solutions designed for the specific needs of buffaloes.

We have been supplying bucket, pipeline and parlour milking systems to buffalo farms globally, for over half a century. We offer the best buffalo milking solution for each customer according to farm requirements, technology levels and herd sizes.

Bucket milking

Bucket milking machines milk buffaloes faster and cleaner than hand milking. One unit can milk up to eight buffaloes per hour; one milker may be able to handle up to four units at a time.

Pipeline milking

For larger herds, it can be more efficient to install a pipeline to transport milk directly to the bulk cooler in the milk room. This allows the milk cluster to be moved faster and more easily, without distracting the animals. The buffaloes can be tied up at a feeding table during milking, and may be shifted in batches. Ten buffaloes can be milked per hour with one cluster; one milker may manage four units at the same time.

Parlour milking

In parlour systems, buffaloes stand on an elevated floor for milking, which eases the milker’s workload.

DeLaval supplies buffalo specific tandem and herringbone parlours. These parlours can be fitted with additional equipment to optimize efficient milking.


Not all DeLaval products are available in all countries.

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