Robot scraper on slats RS450S

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The fully updated DeLaval robot scraper on slats RS450S is packed with features that help improve the hygiene of your barn. In every alley, in every corner, it cleans expertly and intelligently.

Core benefits

  • Smart cleaning
  • Handles complex barn layouts
  • Wide alley cleaning (free ride)
  • Cow safety
  • Remote control
  • Easy maintenance
  • Unlimited number of programmable routes
  • Possible to remotely monitor, manage and configure product by Internet

Right size and capacity

DeLaval robot scraper RS450S is made big and strong to clean in one, wide sweep and withstand any knocks along the way. Its size allows a big motor for frequent and long operation: typical drive time is more than 60% of the day.

Right navigation

Floor-mounted transponders guide the robot along the route and proximity sensors continually monitor its position. This dual navigation ensures the robot won’t get lost or trapped along the way. It gives frequent feedback on its exact position and deploys cow safety procedures or obstacle navigation when necessary.

At home in your slatted floor barn

DeLaval robot scraper on slats RS450S is popular in slatted floor barns because its sophisticated automation helps contribute to a profitably managed farm. It can handle complex layouts and even simplifies barn planning because there is no need to focus on fixed manure scraper requirements.

The robot scraper operates quietly at a gentle pace of four to five and a half metres per minute, which is ideal in loose housing barns. It is cow friendly, yet tough enough to withstand any knocks and keep on cleaning. The system also includes a controller with a clear interface and the charging station.

For a more hygienic barn

The major benefits of regularly clearing manure from slatted floors are better hygiene and improved hoof health, decreased milking time (cleaner cows). Many prefer the regulated, systematic cleaning of robots to scraper systems; cleaning each area at the right time. Cow safe robotic cleaning also works for any layout and easily adapts to changes in your barn.

Superior technical features

  • Kick-resistant design
  • Wide alley cleaning (free ride)
  • Dual navigation (transponders and proximity sensors)
  • Internet control
  • Automatic cleaning log
  • TWO 24 V high-capacity batteries
  • TWO low-consumption motors
  • Adjustable scraper (100–210 cm)


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