DelPro™ MU480 portable milking unit

Suitable for:

DeLaval stanchion barn milking units are designed to help to provide a comfortable milking environment for milker and cows, for optimal cow welfare.

Core benefits

  • Two-level vacuum (Duovac)
  • Indicator for low milk flow
  • Electronic pulsation
  • Integratable to DelPro system

DeLaval DelPro™ MU480 portable milking unit

The unique DelPro MU480 has an ICAR (internationally approved) electronic milk meter which automatically monitors and records cow milk yields at every milking, every day.

The unit is equipped with wireless data transfer to the DeLaval DelPro™ dairy management system, to send and receive accurate information automatically. The DelPro system uses milk yield data to calculate and evaluate feed rations, help identify any health or fertility issues, calculate the actual lactation curve and evaluate long-term milk production of individual cows.

The wireless connection saves a lot of time by helping the milker to identify cows. Providing the milker follows the normal milking routine the Smart ID system automatically displays the cow number. The operator just has to confirm that the number is correct.

DelPro™ MU480 has a vacuum stability system which improves the milking performance of this high-line milking system so it is similar to that of a lowline milking system. Typically the customer experiences faster cow milkings, improved milk quality, improved udder health and quieter cows. Of course DelPro™ MU480 has automatic cluster removal and our famous Duovac™ system which helps to stimulate milk let down and is gentle on the teats.

DelPro™ MU480 can be installed stand-alone or with wireless connectivity to the DeLaval DelPro™ dairy management software.

Name Flow controlled milking with Duovac Milk flow indication Pulsation Connected to dairy management system DeLaval DelPro™
DeLaval milking unit DelPro MU480 Adjustable ICAR approved milk meter Electronic Yes
DeLaval milking unit DelPro MU450 Adjustable Milk yield estimator only Electronic Yes
DeLaval milking unit MU210
Milk flow indicator only
Pulsator HP102 or EP2090
DeLaval milking Unit MU100
No No milk flow indication
Pulsator HP102 or EP2090


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