Pulsator HP101

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This cost-effective pulsator provides a constant fixed pulsation rate and ratio with unique technology dampening. Unaffected by dirt, dust, temperature or humidity, the vacuum operated DeLaval HP101 does not require electricity. The unit functions with most DeLaval applications.

Core benefits

  • Hydraulic pulsator
  • 60 ppm rate
  • 65/35 ratio

Simplicity – Extreme Durability – Reliability

All things you expect from your milking equipment.

DeLaval pulsator HP101 is such a pulsator. Based on the hydropulse concept, which revolutionised milking in the 1960’s, it is now being used all over the world during millions of milkings each day.

DeLaval pulsator HP101 has a fixed pulsation rate thanks to unique hydraulic dampening. This ensures constant pulsation, and is unaffected by dirt, dust, temperature and humidity. Ideal for all types of installation.

Pulsation rate

Constant intervals between the changes in pressure are important to ensure rapid milking and good udder health. These changes are governed by the pulsation rate.

The pulsator must consistently maintain the same rate, delivering the same number of pulses each minute. DeLaval pulsator HP101 is supplied with a fixed rate of 60
ppm at 50 kPa.

Pulsation ratio

The relationship between the length of the suction and the massage phase is an important factor for ensuring optimal teat treatment. This relationship is determined by the pulsation ratio, which is fixed at 65/35.

DeLaval pulsator HP101 assures constant pulsation rate and ratio to give you maximal milking performance Installations DeLaval pulsator HP101 will work in all types of installations bucket, pipeline and in parlours together with most DeLaval applications. It requires no electricity and no matter where you are in the world, DeLaval pulsator HP101 will do the job you ask of it.


DeLaval pulsator HP101 has a robust design and has been tested for extreme durability and long life. It uses the same spare parts as the previous model, which ensures better availability for you.

Technical data

Pulsation rate: 60 ppm
Pulsation ratio: 65/35
Weight: 400 grams
Ambient temp: max +55° C
Start vacuum: 26 kPa


pulsator HP101


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