VMS multipurpose robotic arm

DeLaval VMS robotic arm is the most advanced robotic arm on the market due to its size and flexibility. The arm is hydraulically controlled and therefore fast, quiet, robust and gentle. It adapts to most cows and this results in longer lifetime/higher lifetime milk production per cow. DeLaval VMS robotic arm is powered with hydraulics to gain lower energy consumption and lower maintenance costs.

The arm is made of reinforced stainless steel. It handles teat preparation before milking (including optional pre-spray), attaches the teat cups, re-attaches if needed, aligns the milk tubes and after take-off it sprays the teats.

The optical CCD camera is equipped with dual lasers to ensure fast and accurate teat localisation for quicker and high attachment rates.

The arm model is based on a human arm’s flexible movement range. The multi-purpose arm easily accommodates high, wide or low udder irregularities and teats with an inclination of up to 45°.

The advanced robotic arm is...

  • Adapted to most cows, thus allowing lowest culling rates
  • Hydraulic powered, to assure low energy consumption
  • Safe for human beings and cows due to low running pressure
  • Fast and gentle
  • Runs with very little maintenance
  • Has the most compact design on the market

Largest reach

VMS has the largest reach to milk both high and low udders and teats that are far from each other. Usually you can milk all cows in your herd with DeLaval VMS.

  • Very low culling rate
  • More litres of milk per day
  • Very strong impact on economy

The most advanced robotic arm

Key Criteria Min. mm Max. mm
A Distance between udder bottom and rear teat tip 30  
B Distance between belly and front teat tip
C Distance between teat tips and floor
270 750
D Distance between teats or teat and cow leg
E Oblique angle of all teats in all directions   45 degrees
F Teat length 30 70
  Teat diameter 15 50

The optical camera

Don’t cull your best cows!

Don’t cull your best cows

 - 27 – 75 cm
 - wide udders 
 - teats in line
 - 45 degree teats 
 - front heavy udders

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