Rotary system

  1. Rotary platform - internal or external milking
  2. Milk cooling- and storage tank
  3. System cleaning unit
  4. Vacuum supply system

Rotary milking systems are the most efficient milking parlours on the market.  Ideal for large or expanding herds, they provide calm, comfortable and consistent routines for cows and a safe, efficient working environment for operators.

The rotary parlour operators can carry out their tasks from one position, leaving their stations only when they need to attend to a cow with a problem. Continuous cow flow lets the operator work without any interruptions, concentrating on essential milking tasks. Platform entry, pre-milking work routines, milking unit attachment and cow exit from the rotary parlour are the same every time.

Suits any herd size

Herd size is never a problem with a rotary system. With extra cows or short loads, the rotary just keeps turning at a constant speed, adapted for the herd, until the job is done. By optimizing work routines, the rotary system requires fewer operators, which means lower costs.

Simple routines

For your herd, the consistent, low-stress milking routine means cows enter and exit the system without assistance. They don’t have far to walk from the holding yard to the milking stall, and they learn the routine easily – just follow the cow in front. Once on the platform, each cow has an individual stall that looks the same every time.

Customized for your farm

Rotary parlours fit well into any dairy layout. Cow traffic management is simple, with single entry and exit lanes, and the single exit lane makes sorting to a treatment area very easy.

Yet no two dairy operations are the same. That is why DeLaval customizes every milking system to suit the herd, location and farm.

Complete with farm management

Every DeLaval system is a complete system. Built with rotary platform technology at their heart, our solutions include every part of the system from clusters, liners, vacuum, cleaning and cooling systems, all the way to integrated farm management. DelPro Farm Manager identifies cows as they pass through the milking cycle and collects a range of data. Information such as yield cycles, activity levels and weights help you predict and avoid problems such as sickness or falling milk yield.

Parallel or herringbone

DeLaval offers two types of rotary milking systems: the PR (Parallel Rotary) and HBR (Herringbone Rotary). In the PR system, the cows face inwards and the operators stand on the outside of the platform, while in an HBR system, the cows face out and the operators stand on the inside of the platform.

Our rotary systems are available in different sizes to suit your needs. In 2010, we expanded our range with the AMR automatic milking rotary with the herringbone rotary base for expanding herds and medium sized herds.

The world's first automatic milking rotary

DeLaval made history on September 14th, 2010 by announcing the introduction of the world’s first ever automatic milking rotary.


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