Rotary Plus+

DeLaval rotary milking systems are renowned for high throughput, operating efficiency and cow comfort. With the introduction of Rotary Plus+ we are taking dairy farming to the next level.

Put the Plus in your rotary

At DeLaval we can make any farm more productive. How do we do this? By bringing together the three pillars of productivity: optimal performance, effective herd management and advanced milking technology.

Optimal performance is about getting the details right. At DeLaval we help you achieve this by ensuring your milking equipment is performing optimally, that cow traffic runs smoothly, and that milking is rapid and effective. This way you maximise throughput and milk yield while minimising your costs per litre of milk 

Effective herd management means having the right tools and processes in place and combining them to ensure your cows have a healthy and productive life. If you do this effectively you will reduce insemination, vet and feed costs, while, increasing productivity and milk quality.

Advanced milking technology from DeLaval ensures your milk remains fresh and at peak quality, from the moment it leaves a cow to the time it leaves your farm.

Parallel or herringbone

DeLaval offers two types of rotary milking systems: the PR (Parallel Rotary) and HBR (Herringbone Rotary). In the PR system, the cows face inwards and the operators stand on the outside of the platform, while in an HBR system, the cows face out and the operators stand on the inside of the platform.

Our rotary systems are available in different sizes to suit your needs. In 2010, we expanded our range with the AMR automatic milking rotary with the herringbone rotary base for expanding herds and medium sized herds.

The world's first automatic milking rotary

DeLaval made history on September 14th, 2010 by announcing the introduction of the world’s first ever automatic milking rotary.


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