Stanchion barn

The DeLaval Stanchion segment, bucket and pipeline milking systems still dominates globally and it will do for some time to come, DeLaval does not discriminate between milking systems and users and promotes best practice in all areas supported by its sustainably policy and documentation.

DeLaval provides solutions for stanchion pipeline users to develop within the stanchion segment itself the development is called MODERN stanchion. Many stanchion customers don’t have to option to get bigger and install mega rotary systems and for smaller farms stanchion is the ideal solution. However for stanchion systems to remain relevant stanchion systems must be upgradeable, labour saving mechanisation and automation are key elements in today’s MODERN stanchion barn. In addition better herd management is key to being profitable and sustainable in the dairy farming business and stanchion is no different.

  • Upgrading existing stanchion barns of all brands is an opportunity for DeLaval.
  • Building new stanchion barns is also an opportunity for DeLaval
  • DeLaval has the solutions and the expertise to do both

Main milking systems

Stanchion barns serve as main milking systems and sometimes as support milking systems, for milking maternity/sick cows and as a second milking system to accommodate good/profitable cows that don’t fit the main milking system, poor udder confirmation in a robotic system to save the cow from being culled this cow can be milked in a stanchion, also older cows in a batch milking parlour who are slow walking or slow milking this cows must be discarded from the parlour to maintain the cow throughput milk harvesting numbers, having a stanchion barn on the farm means that these profitable cows are saved and this drives up the average number of lactations per cow.

DeLaval pipeline milking systems meet the minimum requirement of ISO 5707/1996, the in contact with milk components are of food grade quality, documentation is approved and systems are CE market after installation.

Core benefits:

  • A flexible solution, suitable as the main milking system or as the secondary milking system for sick / maternity cows.
  • Excellent quality components meeting the minimum requirements of ISO 5707/1996.
  • The pipeline milking system that can be easily extended to meet the requirements of a growing herd.
  • Modern upgrades to mechanise and automate much of the manual work.
  • Modern herd management tools that will deliver better financial results.
  • Better monitoring of your cows every milking every day.


Not all DeLaval products are available in all countries.

For information about the availability of a specific product, please contact your DeLaval dealer.

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