DeLaval bucket milking system


DeLaval bucket milking system has a primary advantage over hand milking because it enables you to increase milking production capacity. This system allows the milking of eight to ten cows per hour with just one milking unit.

DeLaval bucket milking system is designed to shorten a hand-milker’s milking time. With bucket milking you can milk twice as many cows in less time than with hand milking. Because one milker can operate two to three milking units consecutively, time efficiency is improved. Minimizing milking duration allows for milk-out during the cows’ optimal reflexive let-down period - putting less stress on cow and milker.

Our bucket milking system incorporates proven milking technology. It can be equipped with different pulsation systems and different clusters.

Technical data

- The shell and one-piece liner combination is practical, hygienic and easily cleaned.


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