New DeLaval barn system controller BSC awarded at EuroTier

Hanover, Germany (13 November 2012) At EuroTier 2012, the world’s largest trade show dedicated to agriculture, DeLaval barn system controller BSC was awarded the EuroTier silver medal for innovation. The system integrates barn environment and cow comfort to ensure healthy, productive cows and maximum milk yield. It’s the only integrated solution for dairy barns available on the market.

BSC is an integrated control system to handle all barn applications in one unit. Barn environment technologies like panels, curtains, circulating fans, illumination, cow cooling, alley cleaning, gutter cleaning and manure transfer are all handled in an easy, integrated way contributing to higher efficiency and lower environmental impact.

“Sustainability, user-friendliness and optimal animal welfare have been the three primary objectives throughout our product development phase. This medal recognizes the importance of these objectives but it also demonstrates that we, DeLaval, as a company are committed to improving cow comfort and animal welfare by delivering complete and integrated solutions,” says Emmanuel Geoffroy, Business Development Manager Portfolio Effluent Housing Systems at DeLaval.

BSC special features, such as one graphical user interface for the operator instead of various different ones makes it easy to handle and convenient to operate, especially as an icon-based user interface. While the controller is handling all the equipment, interlinked functions are possible to command through one interface.

The dairy farmer will save time and money whilst improving the cow’s comfort in a sustainable way. “DeLaval barn system controller BSC can reduce the investment cost by up to 70 percent compared to installing one system for each separate function,” says Alfred Kroeger, Product Manager, Ventilation & Illumination, Portfolio Farm Supplies at DeLaval.

Try BSC in a live cockpit experience at EuroTier 
Visitors of the DeLaval booth at EuroTier will be able to test BSC in a custom made cockpit for a live experience. With one control unit you will be able to manoeuvre all the animal housing systems.

For images of BSC, please visit our Picasa image gallery, click here

For more information and to try BSC, please visit us at EuroTier, DeLaval stand number 27-H34 Hall/open air area 27, or contact:

Emmanuel Geoffroy
Business Development Manager, Effluent Management, Effluent Housing Systems, DeLaval
Telephone: +46 734131421

Alfred Kroeger
Product Manager, Ventilation & Illumination, Portfolio Farm Supplies, DeLaval
Telephone: +49 151 167 90 337

To schedule a one-on-one interview with a DeLaval expert during EuroTier, please contact public relations representative Elizabeth Healey ( / +46 76 633 52 10).  

 Barn System Controller  

DeLaval at EuroTier
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Come and see us at EuroTier, stand number 27-H34 Hall/Open air area 27.

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