DeLaval Clover™ liner, with its breakthrough design, reduces subclinical mastitis by 12% according to a recent study by Kiel University, Germany.

Hanover, November 11, 2014. A recent study from Kiel University has shown that there was a 12% reduction in subclinical mastitis during the test period on a selected herd in Germany where the DeLaval Clover™ liner was used. DeLaval launched the Clover™ liner April, 2013 and already more than 500 000 cows worldwide are being milked by the liner and the results are clear.

Featuring a breakthrough design, the DeLaval Clover™ liner’s thin, concave side walls and smooth, rounded corners deliver a firm, yet gentle grip of the teat throughout the milking cycle. This design ensures the liner stays in the proper milking position and provides excellent massage, offering cows maximum comfort whilst being milked. Additionally, it provides a low and stable mouthpiece vacuum and avoids the typical clogging and hygiene issues related to the use of air vents on vented liners. As a result teat health improves and mastitis cases are reduced.

“We are pleased with the results of this study since by reducing the number of subclinical mastitis cases so dramatically brings with it considerable cost savings for our customers”, says Jean-Jacques Dreier, Portfolio Director, Liners and Tubes. “The estimated cost of an individual subclinical mastitis case, which includes milk losses, premature culling etc. is according to research €95 in Europe. By using the DeLaval Clover™ liner our customers can save approximately €2800 annually on a 100 cow herd, in relation to the reduced subclinical mastitis”.

Key features and benefits of DeLaval Clover™ liner, the gentle liner that delivers:

  • Better teat end health
  • Full contact and grip
  • Superior milking speed performance

The DeLaval Clover™ liner 20M suitable for herds with average teats, DeLaval Clover™ liner 20M-EX suitable for herds with average teats but wide udders and DeLaval Clover™ liner 20S-ST designed for herds with average towards short teats.

Clover Liner

A cross-section of the DeLaval Clover™ liner reveals its thin, concave side walls and smooth, rounded corners which help deliver gentle, yet productive milking.


The unique shape of the DeLaval Clover™ liner provides a firm, yet gentle grip to the teat. This helps to promote teat end health, while providing excellent milking performance.

Combining the DeLaval Clover™ liner with the DeLaval Harmony™ cluster is the perfect match to ensure superior milking performance and udder health.


DeLaval will be showcasing its products and solutions at EuroTier 2014, in Hall 27, stand 39.

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