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Stockholm, Sweden (February 27, 2012).The swinging cow brush will be showcased at the largest ever exhibition put on by the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology. 

The National Museum of Science and Technology gave Swedish people the task of choosing the most important innovations of all time. And the people´s top 100 choices will now be displayed over 2,000 square metres. On the list are the milking machine and innovations in agriculture.

“It’s a privilege for DeLaval to be represented among the top 100 innovations,” says Mark Blake, Manager CSR Reporting. “Visitors will be able to try out lying on a cow mat and experience the swinging cow brush for themselves.”

The ‘100 Innovations’ exhibition is highly interactive in order to encourage creativity, problem solving and an interest in entrepreneurship. The doors open on February 25.

For more information on ‘100 innovations’, visit The National Museum of Science and Technology webpage

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