DeLaval AMR™

The world’s first automatic milking rotary system. 

The DeLaval AMR™ is designed to accelerate your transition from milking management to total farm management. It can help dairy farmers grow profitably by working smarter to drive greater efficiency, productivity and business sustainability.

At first it looks like a normal rotary; only nobody’s doing the milking! Up to five robotic arms do it instead: from teat preparation, milk cup attachment to a hygienic post-milking spray.

The key criteria for measuring your farm performance is the production level gained from the herd. Capacity of the AMR™ system can vary based on a combination of factors including yield, flow rates, stages of lactation quality of the cows and how often they are presented to the system.

In practice that means that the AMR™ can milk between 500 and 700 cows per day or up to 6 million kg or more per year depending on your management strategies.

DeLaval AMR™ reduces the labour needed for milking and lets your workers focus on more stimulating tasks instead. In many ways, it fulfils the wishes of those working in the dairy industry.

Think big or start small. DeLaval AMR™ is a scalable system that suits all types of farming operations, from free stalls amd loose housing to pasture based dairying. Go for the full five arms or begin with just two robot arms and add more as your business grows.


Your future just got smarter

DeLaval AMR™ represents the next step of automation for large scale dairy farming. It provides the necessary flexibility for larger farms to milk  many cows at a very cost efficient level. Beyond helping to reduce labour dependency, the DeLaval AMR™ redefine the whole farm management approach.


  • Reduced milking labour 
  • More milk per cow
  • Better milk quality
  • Lower milk harvesting costs

 Farm management

  • Makes your farm a more attractive workplace for employees
  • Gives you more time to drive your business
  • Frees up more time so you can focus on your animal's welfare
  • Integrated herd management


  • Scalability to expand as your business grows
  • Automatic or manual milking
  • Suits all types of farming operations

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DeLaval AMR robot arms

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DeLaval AMR wins Innovation Award

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