Consumables are important

Your milking robot can be as advanced as you like but without regular and proper cleaning of the liner in the robot, the robot cannot be used to produce quality milk.

An interview with Koen Stessens


Senior Product Manager Milk Quality & Animal Health

We asked Koen Stessens, Senior Product Manager, a few questions about consumables and their place in dairy farming.

A consumable

  • Is (as its name suggests) being used or consumed over time
  • Is absolutely necessary in correct farm routines (for instance teat dipping)
  • Is required for smooth and correct operation of the installation (for instance milking)
  • Is used regularly

Consumables are important. It doesn’t matter how advanced or smart our installations are, they cannot run without consumables. DeLaval consumables can be compared to the toner of a printer. Without a toner the printer does not work. The same goes for consumables in dairy installations, be they large or small.

In general, consumables can last for anything from a day to a few months depending on their packaging and usage instructions. Simply put, you cannot run your farm routines  nor your installation without them.

DeLaval equipment works best with DeLaval consumables

Given that consumables are necessary to drive a farming operation, why is it so important that these consumables are DeLaval’s? The answer is simple: our consumables have been systematically and extensively tested with our DeLaval installations and in our recommended routines. The global trend towards larger farms and increased automation is further challenging the world of consumables to follow this ever increasing trend.

Using high quality consumables directly influence milk output directly

High quality milk is directly related to animal health and welfare. Good milk quality is a near certainty when high quality teat dips are used and professional cleaning practices are performed. A milk robot can be as advanced as we like, but without the accompanying quality teat dip, milk quality cannot be guaranteed. Indeed good quality milk and high milking quantities, as well as good udder health depend on it.

Increasing demands for consumables that contribute to sustainability goals on farm

Food safety and awareness of the impact on our environment is higher than ever on the dairy agenda. In the world of consumables this means continuous challenges to finding solutions that are less impacting on the environment, the animals and the people involved. DeLaval works actively on improving labour safety and decreasing the environmental impact of hoofcare and detergent consumables as well as consumable solutions supporting energy reduction, to name but a few.

Knowledge behind the scenes at the show

At EuroTier the DeLaval team will be showing the importance of good cleaning – (what does “DeLaval clean” really mean?) - and why using  DeLaval consumables makes sense. You will be able to see, touch and feel the difference between a high quality teat dip and compare it to others.  Last but not least DeLaval automatic footbath AFB1000 will be featured “alive and flushing”, illustrating our “clean and disinfect” routine, using 4Hooves instead of copper sulphate or formaldehyde. An independent trial performed by an external consultant in Germany this year , showed that 4Hooves is as effective as formaldehyde, a known carcinogenic chemical that - although forbidden in a lot of countries - is still widely used on dairies.

Welcome to visit our milk quality experts at EuroTier!
Find us at booth number 27-H34 Hall/Open air area 27

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