To be efficient is to be profitable

We asked Fernando Mazeris, Director of Farm Management Support Systems at DeLaval to explain how management tools can help efficiency on farm.

 Fernando Mazeris

Fernando Mazeris


Director Farm Management Support Systems
Director Feeding Systems

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Herd management and Feeding business


-    Veterinarian
-    17 years at DeLaval

Efficiency is profitable

Due to, amongst other factors, advancements in genetics, feeding technologies, cow welfare etc, cows today produce much more milk than they did 30 years ago. They are also milked much more efficiently than previously in much larger farms. The combination of these factors has resulted in larger groups of animals with delicate physiological balances. If used correctly, herd management tools can help farmers monitor their more sensitive stock as well as drive efficient production of milk.

Effective farm management is holistic

Management tools help the dairy farmer monitor the farm and drive an efficient operation. However, in order to draw the full benefit of these tools all aspects of the herd need to be addressed – feeding, reproduction, health, the environment etc. All these areas have to be managed efficiently in order for the operation to be profitable. One cannot only focus on feed, if the environment is stressful, or on reproduction, if the feed is being ignored. Each area is important.

Investment in automation and management tools are on the rise

In order to cope with the increasing needs of ever larger herds, increasing  shortage of labour and cows with higher demands, two clear trends can be seen

  1. Increasing investment in automation  (moving away from labor intensive tasks)
  2. Herd Management tools ( tool that will make farmers more efficient)

What does a management tool do?

Management tools capture data, process it, and then provide information to make decisions.
There are however differences between traditional and top of the line management tools.

Traditional management tools collect data from certain parameters, process it and then present it on lists, charts and graphs. The farmer analyzes this data and then makes a decision based on the results of only these parameters and data.

Top of the line management tools, like Herd Navigator and DelPro Farm Manager, combine measurements of relevant data and with automatic analysis are able to bring data to the point of making a diagnosis. Unlike more traditional management tools, these top of the line tools measure relevant data accurately and continuously, thereby providing real, relevant trends to make real, relevant decisions. The farmer then implements standard operating procedures (for alarms coming from the system) to address the areas where action needs to be taken.

For management tools to work, three aspects are essential:

  1. Measurement – of relevant parameters, in an accurate way
  2. Analysis – of very large amounts of data and combine them with the right action. Artificial intelligence plays an essential role here
  3. Action – of the standard operating procedures and follow up results

No management tool works without action!

Management tools allow full control of the farm

A top of the line management tool like Herd Navigator or DelPro Farm Manager allows the farmer to have full control of her farm and herd. By providing the correct data to work with and the right corrective action, at the right time the system creates the base for a profitable business.

However, it’s crucial to understand that a management tool cannot solve anything. Only action does!

Fernando will be available at EuroTier to answer questions from the media and from farmers or dealers interested in herd management issues.

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