Sustainable Dairy Farming is a unique DeLaval initiative. It aims to reduce the environmental footprint of farms, while improving milk production, farm profitability and the well-being of the people and animals involved.

We believe this goal can be achieved by smart technology and services to increase resource efficiency on farm. Or – put another way – support dairy farmers do more with less.

Inspired by environmental challenges it is based on four, interlinked pillars: Environment, Animal Welfare, Social Responsibility and Farm Profitability.


There are already a number of products that can contribute significantly to making your farm more sustainable and this number is growing steadily as we integrate optimized resource efficiency into our product development model.

We have focused on six areas for customer products and services: feed, animal health, manure and effluent, energy, water and working conditions. A Scientific Committee of internal experts has identified these areas based on

  • the importance for the operation of the farm business and
  • the role that can be played by DeLaval.

Sustainable Dairy Farming focus areas at DeLaval

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