DeLaval in brief

The very first Milking Machine Symposium takes place at Hamra, Sweden, 1963

Here are some of the milestones we have reached.

2013    DeLaval VMS™ models Supra and Supra+ launched
2013    First-ever cow longevity conference held at Hamra Farm
2013    New factories inaugurated in China (Tianjin) and Poland (Dobre Miastro)
2013    The new company vision is launched: We make sustainable food production possible.
2012    DeLaval celebrates sale of the 10,000 DeLaval VMS™
2012    DeLaval AMR™ chosen as a ‘Top 10 New Product’ at World Ag Expo
2012    Inauguration of the research centre at Lövsta, Sweden.
2012    DeLaval swinging cow brush SCB chosen among ‘100 innovations’ by Swedish National Museum of Science & Technology
2012    DeLaval AMR™ receives top innovation prize at EuroTier
2011    DeLaval AMR™ awarded Golden Hoof at Agribex, Belgium
2011    World’s first installation of DeLaval AMR™ in Tasmania
2010    Launch of DeLaval automatic milking rotary AMR™
2010    DeLaval tops 2,500 sales mark of feeding stations in a year
2009    DeLaval VMS hits the 5,000th sales mark
2008    DeLaval wins design award – the Grand Award of Design
2008    DeLaval celebrates 125 years
2006    The 500th Herringbone Rotary milestone is reached
2005    DeLaval sells the largest sheep and goat parlour in the world
2005    A new cooling tank factory is inaugurated in Wroclaw, Poland
2005    DeLaval celebrates the sale of their 1,000 VMS system
2004    A new Research & Development barn is inaugurated at Hamra, Sweden
2004    DeLaval equips 200 Chinese village milking centres
2003    Hamra 3D - DeLaval and FAO co-hosts an International fair on new dimensions in dairy development 100 years after the first national fair was held at Hamra Farm
2002    A new hygiene technology centre is inaugurated in Kansas City, USA
2002    A new top of the range research and demonstration barn for VMS is inaugurated at Hamra, Sweden
2002    An animal welfare conference is held at Hamra Farm, Sweden, in cooperation with the Swedish University of Agriculture, SLU
2001    The DeLaval Animal Welfare Policy is introduced
2001    Inauguration of "DDI", Dairy Development International. DDI is an 850-cow state-of-the-art dairy farm located in Homer, New York. It is designed to be a leading edge farm for producing milk and evaluating new technologies
2000    Alfa Laval Agri becomes DeLaval when Tetra Pak sells Alfa Laval
1999    10,000th ALPRO herd management system sold worldwide
1994    DeLaval Hamra Farm celebrates 100 years
1993    The Tetra Laval Group is formed
1991    Tetra Pak purchases Alfa Laval AB and Alfa Laval Agri is created as a separate company
1985    Hamra Farm becomes a separate company
1985    A new experimental barn is built at Hamra, Sweden
1964    The first loose housing barn is built at Hamra, Sweden
1963    AB Separator changes name to Alfa Laval AB
1963    The very first Milking Machine Symposium takes place at Hamra, Sweden
1961    A new factory is inaugurated in Tumba, Sweden, and new investments make Hamra a world-leading development and training centre
1943    Hamra Agricultural School opens
1911    The first International Dairy Congress is arranged at Hamra, Sweden by the company
1903    The first agricultural national fair is held at Hamra Farm, Sweden
1901    The “Big Barn” is built at Hamra Farm, Sweden
1898    The first dairy factory is created at Hamra, Sweden
1894    AB Separator acquires Hamra Farm in Tumba, Sweden. Hamra Farm becomes a test and demonstration centre
1883    AB Separator (later DeLaval) is founded

DeLaval's Top Milker - VMS

Hamra - our own farm

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