Cow movers

Moving your cows from the holding pen to the parlour is a straight forward operation with DeLaval cow movers. The cow movers provide reliable service and offer many timesaving features for use on all dairies.



Cow movers


DeLaval cow mover C

Gently pushes cows out of the cubicles without using an electrical fence. Cows can remain peaceful when they walk to the milking area. This reduces the milker’s work load and allows him/her to focus on the milking routine without interruptions. There is no milking routine disturbance when cows enter the parlour. This smart system eliminates the need for a designated waiting area because the cows are gently collected directly from the resting area, before milking. The cow mover quietly pushes the cows out and drives them through, for good cow circulation. A new group can enter just behind the cow mover as it moves ahead, to help ensure continuous cow traffic and keep the groups separated.

Herdsman HRS cow mover

Custom-built to your holdingarea specifications. A unique feature is the vertical lifting gate - the pipe rails lift straight up, allowing cows to pass under. Built to withstand harsh dairy environments. The standard overhead bridge is constructed of dual six-inch channel and is welded for strength. Hot-dipped galvanized pipe rails are constructed of 2 1/2” pipe and welded to fourinch galvanized pipe collars.

Usher HRS cow mover

Our premium offering to keep cows at the entrance of the parlour, ready to enter. It is crafted using heavyduty materials made of hot-dipped galvanized steel, for extra-long wear. Tough enough to withstand the demands of around-the-clock milking, but is still gentle on cows. It works according to a shuffle mode: at the parlour end it starts to swing open the whole gate, then running back to the holding pen entrance and moving gently down to move the next group of cows towards the parlour.

DeLaval cow mover M

Designed to keep your cows calm, relaxed and in the right place during the milking process. This gate moves slowly but surely, to promote effective cow traffic. Slow movement means less stress for the cows and safer operation. The auto-forward function of the cow mover advances the gate in steps of 15 cm. A new group of cows enters behind the mover as it moves forward. This gives smooth cow traffic and keeps the groups separated.

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