DeLaval parallel rotary PR1100

PR2100 and PR1100 provide all the benefits of rotary milking, with a significant extra benefit – each rotary is configured to suit the individual requirements of each farm. Your rotary will be tailored to fit your farm.

  • Multi-function platform control is easy to use and time
  • Quick release system for ease of maintenance
  • Integrated herd management

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DeLaval parallel rotary PR1100

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Integrated milking – superior performance

A DeLaval parallel rotary PR platform with a DeLaval milking system provides an integrated milking operation, for superior milking performance. DeLaval PR1100 is for when little or no milking automation is required. DeLaval PR2100 links the latest milking automation and herd management system with the milking operator. For both systems the robust low-profile bails promote superior cow flow on and off the platform, and low milk tube connection points allow for excellent cluster alignment.

Durable, reliable, low maintenance

DeLaval has been focusing on durability, reliability and low maintenance for many years. Roller systems, platform decks, centre couplings, drive and control systems for PR2100 and PR1100 have all been designed to last. At the same time the maintenance requirements for service and cleaning have been reduced as much as possible.

All the benefits of rotary milking engineered to suit your farm

The operating requirements of a rotary platform can vary widely depending on farming style. Variables such as cow size, cow weight, milkings per day or year and platform deck material should be carefully considered when choosing your rotary milking solution. The DeLaval parallel rotary PR1100 & PR2100 range of rotary milking solutions has been engineered to cater for these large variations in duty requirements.

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