DeLaval bucket milking system BMS

A useful standby unit on any dairy farm, for milking a fresh cow, a sick cow, or a cow separated for treatment.



DeLaval BMS is a complete bucket milking module designed specifically for milking “special attention” cows. It includes a 25-30 litre plastic or stainless steel bucket.

If you are required by law to have a back-up unit for your automated equipment – DeLaval BMS could be the answer: reliable, efficient, economical. Our BMS was developed originally as a basic system for farmers who wanted to move from hand milking to machine milking. With DeLaval BMS eight to ten cows per hour can be milked with just one milking unit – milking faster and better than hand milking. One milker can operate two or three milking units at the same time, improving time efficiency. Minimizing milking duration allows for milk-out during the cows’ optimal reflexive letdown period – putting less stress on cow and milker.

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