Acid detergents

Acid detergents are effective in removing mineral building in milking and cooling systems.

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Acid detergents



Premium acid cleaner for hard water, iron or barium concentrations. Effectively prevents mineral deposits.

Della Extra Brite

DellaExtra Brite is a heavy duty highly concentrated blended acid for mineral film removal of CIP milking systems, and bulk coolers. A blend of concentrated acids, DellaExtra Brite eliminates hard water deposits and milk stone deposits during the CIP cleaning rinse-phase. Concentration levels also make DellaExtra Brite the product of choice when a CIP system requires an acid wash.

Mega-San Plus®

Mega-San Plus is a concentrated, low-foaming acid sanitizer for use in clean-in-place (CIP) dairy systems. It combines two steps into one, effectively removing minerals from the water and milk residue.

Zone™ III

Zone III is a revolutionary clean in place (CIP) solution designed to improve cleaning efficiency by combining the detergent and acid cycles into one step. A unique detergent cleaner, Zone III is a proprietary and patented blend of acids designed to clean and de-scale milking systems. It removes milk and water related soils to improve milk quality and profitability. By combining two steps, Zone III can reduce CIP wash times, enabling dairies that are maxed-out with throughput to save valuable time.

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