Body Condition Score Camera

This camera automatically records Body Condition Score!

Body condition scores are used as a critical measure to determine effectiveness of feed regimes, future feed requirements, drying off parameters and to assist with understanding reproductive performance. 

“By consistently and regularly measuring a cow’s body condition score, the farmer can monitor every cow’s body condition through all stages of the lactation cycle. This ensures maximum milk yield from the feed, improves conception rates, and minimizes calving and post-calving problems,” said Peter Wilson, Solution Manager from DeLaval Oceania. 

He said DeLaval’s additional studies show that regular automated scoring and optimising the score could help farmers to:

  • Reduce cases of ketosis on farms by 50%. 
  • Increase milk yield from a herd where all cows have the optimum body condition. 
  • Reduce the number of returns by bringing the body condition score back to an optimum level as soon as possible after calving and thereby returning the cow to its normal cyclical ovarian activity - conception rate can be improved by 50%
  • Save the farmer the cost of bringing in resources such as consultants or veterinarians to do the body condition scoring.
  • Eliminate the subjective nature of scoring. 

Find out more about DeLaval's body condition scoring camera here, or read about how one of our farmers use it farm to improve farm profitability here.

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