“I think the robotic milking system will lead the way in animal welfare.”

Marcus Crowden’s home farm, Ritchies Plains, needed an upgrade and they wanted to milk more cows. To maximise their production, they converted their run-off block into a second farm. They now milk 240 of their 600 cows with the VMS system.

Ritchies Plains

Caveside, Australia

Ritchies Plains





Marcus was nervous about how the voluntary system would work on a pasture-based system, and although he has faced challenges, he thinks the robotic milking system is the way of the future. He has seen an increase in labour efficiency and they are now able to milk 600 cows over two farms, rather 350 over one using conventional milking systems. 


Marcus has seen the effects the robotic milking system has had on his cows first hand and he believes his robotic milking system puts him ahead of the curve in terms of animal welfare. “Veterinary bills are extremely low on this farm. Lameness and mastitis problems are so much better,” he says. When he implemented the robotic milking system, he noticed how quickly the cows adapted to it.

 “It would be hard to go any other way than DeLaval.”

“I think the robotic milking system will lead the way in animal welfare.”

Our Solutions

Learn more about the DeLaval solutions that help Marcus increase his productivity and improve animal welfare on Ritchies Plains.

Robotic Milking

DeLaval Voluntary Milking System VMS™

The ultimate automatic milking machine. The DeLaval Voluntary Milking System VMS™ enables you to harvest the maximum milk yield from your herd, while freeing-up time for you and your staff to focus on other duties.

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Herd Management

DeLaval DelPro™

A complete dairy farm management system that monitors, records and analyses data to help you make those all important farming decisions.

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Herd Management

DeLaval body condition scoring BCS

Accurate body condition scores enable better feed planning, which helps to ensure your cows have healthy body fat reserves. This promotes milk production, reproductive efficiency and cow longevity. DeLaval BCS camera eliminates the guesswork and the inaccuracies of manual evaluation.

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