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DeLaval swinging cow brush SCB

Use of the SCB will ensure a cleaner coat by removing dirt and debris, allowing cows to more effectively cool their bodies and put their energy into milk production.

  • Improves cow health and welfare
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Improves herd performance
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DeLaval swinging cow brush SCB

Key Benefits

Integrated Cow Comfort Solution

Comfortable and happy cows produce more milk. Use of the DeLaval swinging cow brush SCB helps you shift from reactive to proactive management practices that focus on providing her with the highest level of comfort. The SCB enhances natural grooming behaviors and helps improve hide health, blood circulation, cooling in the summer and has been proven to reduce cases of clinical mastitis.

Safety and Performance

The unique design of the SCB features two pivot points at either end of the curved arm, so grooming angles are improved for optimal hide coverage. The brush operates at a cow-friendly speed and stops when it senses resistance. The energy saving on/off feature gently stops the brush 10 seconds after use. The SCB was designed to withstand harsh conditions, undergoing rigorous testing in the most demanding environments. Its durability ensures it will perform day in and day out to help keep your cows healthy and happy.

Reduce Stress and Improve Traffic Flow

DeLaval recommends the installation of the SCB in cross alleys or back areas to improve traffic flow. One brush can efficiently groom up to 60 cows keeping them cleaner, healthier and more comfortable. More importantly, cows are prevented from hurting themselves by grooming on other surfaces in the barn. The quiet motor helps ensure they are calmer and less stressed.

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