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As today’s calves are tomorrow’s high performance cows, the way you rear them can make all the difference. DeLaval calf feeding solutions ensure that calves are healthy and fast-growing enabling them to become high yielding cows that are productive for many years.

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DeLaval calf feeder CF1000S

Automatic calf feeders are an efficient and effective method to achieve intensive calf feeding. Automatic calf feeders, such as the DeLaval® CF1000S, offer the ability to manage and track the feeding program of each animal. Significant labor savings are also a potential benefit of the CF1000S.

  • Calves growing faster
  • Healthier calves
  • Control over feeding cost and calf feeding operation
  • Lower mortality and morbidity rates
  • Earlier reproduction
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DeLaval calf feeder CF1000S

Key Benefits

Rear healthy

calves in less time and less work.

Maximize calf growth

through individual feeding.

Improves social development

of the calf – natural behavior.

Helps in identifying health issues early

lower mortality and morbidity rates.

Having a heifer in weight ready

to be pregnant earlier will make her productive sooner and increase her returns to the farm.

Complete control

over the milk feeding to each calf.

Rear up to

25 - 100 calfs with one CF1000S.

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CalfApp and CalfCloud

CalfApp and CalfCloud allow to keep control through internet over your calf rearing program and calf feeder well-functioning.

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