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DeLaval milking unit BLUE

DeLaval BLUE replicates the action of a suckling calf more closely than ever. The result? Gentler action, faster milk let-down and greater efficiency for you.

  • Effective milking
  • Minimize teat damage
  • Decrease milking time
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DeLaval milking unit BLUE

Key Benefits

Effective milking

Managing vacuum and pulsation throughout the milking means less irritation of the teat and also reduces the volume of air which would otherwise rush into the cluster during take-off . As farmers around the world can attest, DeLaval has struck the right balance for the long-term productivity of their cows.

Minimize teat damage

With the DeLaval BLUE, it is easy to manage these factors. DeLaval’s original vacuum system, Duovac, reduces vacuum levels at the beginning of milking to avoid exposing teats to high vacuum levels prior to peak milk flow. Additionally, pulsation ratios are reversed at the start of milking, which stimulates faster milk let-down and milk-out. At the end of milking, Duovac lowers the teat-end vacuum level prior to cluster removal.

Increase cow throughput

DeLaval BLUE also features automatic cluster removal, allowing you to increase cow throughput and saving you valuable time.

DeLaval milking unit BLUE

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