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DeLaval DelPro™ farm management application Milk24

It’s the smart, simple and effective solution for your first step towards herd management.

  • Make each cow count
  • Works with DeLaval MU450s, MU Blue, MU480 and MU486
  • Data available on smartphone, tablet, and PC
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DeLaval DelPro™ farm management application Milk24

Key Benefits

Monitor data

An overview of your herd milk production, individual cow yields and deviation alerts are available via your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Monitor individual cow flow graphs to analyze prep routines and improve milking times. Share your data with those in your operation who make decisions to help improve your bottom line.

User friendly app

The milk24 app receives data from your DeLaval milking units via Bluetooth and compiles in a user-friendly form. All data is totaled, averaged and recorded so you can compare your cows and herd progress overtime. The milk24 app will automatically warn you if there are any inconsistencies in your herd’s results, allowing you to take immediate action to ensure your herd’s health and profitability.

The first step

  • Milk yield recording
  • Reproductive management
  • Automated feeding

The milk24 app is your first step towards DelPro Herd Management, an integrated system.

DeLaval DelPro™ farm management application Milk24

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