“Our new free stall facility is impressive for cow comfort, from sand bedding to total cow freedom contributing to a Zen environment in the barn.”

Cow comfort, efficient milk production and future farm profitability are high priorities at Ferme Aly, and with new facilities, Patrice Garneau and his family are able to accomplish their goals.

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Ferme Aly

Lac à la Croix, QC, CAN

Ferme Aly






New start-ups in milk production are still possible! Patrice Garneau was hired on a dairy in 2002, and eventually purchased the operation in 2014. At the time, the farm was producing 60 kilograms a day and cultivating 600 acres of land. Today, the operation produces 110 kilograms a day with 2,200 acres of land.

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After a fire burnt down the farm’s tie-stall barn in October 2015, they visited several farms in Canada to help decide on a replacement building. They chose a double-8 Champion milking parlor.

“With all the options available, our milking parlor is almost as complete as a robot. Its heavy duty construction and the unbeatable accuracy of the DeLaval milk meters, along with our dealer’s service level, convinced us to continue with DeLaval,” said Garneau.  “Both the barn and the milking parlor were designed for future expansion. Everything is easier and makes labor more effective. The next generations will want to produce high-quality milk with minimal work.”

“Cow’s total freedom to eat, drink and lie down adds to the animal’s welfare and comfort; as far as I’m concerned, that’s what sustainable farming is all about," Garneau added.


This testimonial was collected from dairy producers using a DeLaval Champion parallel parlor. The DeLaval parallel parlor assortment has now been replaced by the DeLaval Parlor P500, the most advanced parallel parlor we have ever created.

“Our new free stall facility is impressive for cow comfort, from sand bedding to total cow freedom contributing to a Zen environment in the barn.”

Our solutions

Learn more about the DeLaval solutions that help Ferme Aly increase their productivity, improve animal welfare, and maximize farm profitability.


Champion™ parallel parlour

High throughput for 24/7 milking. Maximum cow comfort

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Farm Management

DelPro™ Activity meters

Improve herd health and increase reproduction results. DelPro BioModels turn the behavior of each animal into knowledge. Knowing the status of each animal empowers you to achieve your reproduction targets by identifying cows in heat. Finding sick cows will also ensure you maintain high standards of animal welfare. With DeLaval Activity Meters you are monitoring your cows, even when you are not there.

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Cooling, storage & testing

Cooling tanks

These tanks are available in sizes from 800 gallon up to 8,000 gallon, encompassing the world’s biggest selection of milk tanks for the agro sector.

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