“Growth is now a possibility. Before, we couldn’t really think about growing.”

Judge Farms of Caledon East, Ontario needed an upgrade for the future. What they got in a new DeLaval MidiLine™ swing-over parlour was better labour efficiency and cow comfort without breaking the budget.


Judge Farms

Caledon East, ON, CAN

Judge Farms





William Judge was tired of milking 90 cows in an old tiestall barn. “The old barn was pretty labour intensive,” William noted. “We wanted something that would be faster milking, give the cows more space and get them under one roof. Make life easier.”

The solution: a newly constructed barn with 132 sand bedded freestalls and a new DeLaval Midiline™ ML3100 swing-over 12 parlour. William, his dad, Bruce, and uncle, Allan, milk 110 cows and enjoy the ease, speed and cost-efficiency of their new parlour, one of the first of its kind in Canada. Milking time has gone from four to five hours to a mere hour-and-a-half.


Judge’s herd also reduced its somatic cell count (SCC) levels from 400,000 to 140,000 after moving to the new facility. “The cows, especially the fresh ones, are doing better thanks to our new milking procedures,” said William. DelPro farm management software, which connects all milking, breeding and health data, has also helped Judge Farms abide by the Canadian Quality Milk Program (CQM), an on-farm food safety program. “DelPro is nice because I can keep track of every cow I treat, helping me avoid any mistakes.”

Even with all the improvements around his farm, William admitted: “You always have to be improving. If you stand still you’re falling behind.”

“Growth is now a possibility. Before, we couldn’t really think about growing.”

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DeLaval MidiLine™ ML3100

You can get more done with DeLaval MidiLine™ ML3100 because it offers you a higher level of automated farm management. With a range of optional management tools, you can increase productivity and the performance of your herd, while maintaining cow comfort.

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