"I take pride in every cow on our farm, and we are always pushing to get the most out of our 'girls'!"

Kelly Dairy Farms Ltd. keeps up with the times to keep their farm profitable. Ten years of robotic milking experience has allowed the Kelly family to fine-tune their practices and get the most out of their cows and equipment.

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Kelly Dairy Farms Ltd.

Dunnville, Ontario, USA

Kelly Dairy Farms Ltd.






The Dunnville, Ontario farm that Henry and Roelfina Kelly call home has been in the family since 1960. The family made a big upgrade in 2007 when they installed their first robotic milkers, and they continued to make improvements as robotic technology advanced.

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The Kelly family had eight years of robotic milking experience before the installation of their two DeLaval VMS units in 2015. They were attracted to the DeLaval robot design – particularly the arm – and when they added in the fact that DeLaval still services the first robots they made, it was a "no brainer choice" for them to switch.

Kelly Dairy Farms milks 115 Holstein cows that average 2.6 milkings and produce 40 litres of milk per day in the VMS. The farm also utilizes Herd Navigator™ to help identify cows in need of special attention. They also raise 1,100 acres of crops, raise all their heifers onsite and focus on excellent cow conformation with the help of four employees. When looking to the future, the Kellys foresee the next generation managing the farm with new heifer and calf facilities and a third VMS robot.  

Henry Kelly strives to make his farm as profitable as he can, while keeping his cows calm and comfortable. "I also aim to make a balanced lifestyle and have flexibility on our farm."

"I take pride in every cow on our farm, and we are always pushing to get the most out of our 'girls'!"

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Farm Management

DeLaval Herd Navigator™

DeLaval Herd Navigator™ enables progressive dairy farmers to proactively manage their herd. Delivering precise analysis of milk to develop an action plan for each cow and the herd to improve farm profitability through improved reproduction results and lower health costs; as well as making more efficient use of your time. When you start your day, DeLaval DelPro with Herd Navigator alerts you to the cows that need to be inseminated, pregnancy checked, treated or given further attention.

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