“The HBR rotary gives us the ability to see our cows daily. We wanted a barn we could operate as efficiently as possible but still have direct contact with our cows.”

The MacDonald brothers of PondsEdge Farms upgraded their double-8 milking parlor to a 30-stall DeLaval herringbone rotary HBR so they could expand their herd for the future generation while taking good care of their cows.

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PondsEdge Farms, Inc.

Little Pond, PEI, CAN

PondsEdge Farms, Inc.





PondsEdge Farms has maintained its place in Little Pond, PEI, since the 1840s. Originally a small, mixed-use farm, the MacDonald brothers, Kent, Robert and Michael, recently expanded the dairy from 200 milking cows to 375 registered Holsteins while also farming about 1,500 acres.


Citing good industry prospects, a love for dairy farming and the option to keep the farm going for the next generation, the MacDonalds installed a 30-stall DeLaval herringbone rotary HBR in April of 2017. “You have constant vision of the cows being milked,” Michael MacDonald noted of the internal rotary design, adding that it’s also more comfortable for the cows and milkers. The MacDonalds hired only one new employee to help manage the workload. Beside the brothers, they have four full time employees.

Efficiency mixed with top-notch animal care is the recipe for the MacDonald’s success. The family uses DelPro 5.1 farm management software to run all milking, ID, activity and sort gate systems. “We use the sort gate for breeding purposes, preg checks, hoof trimming visits and sick cows. The activity system is catching heats really well, so we’re not missing as many as before,” said Michael.

The new 340-stall freestall barn outfitted with four swinging cow brushes is also keeping their cows calm and comfortable. A mixture of straw, limestone and water is used for bedding and later spread with manure on the fields. The R20 insulation value of the wood-beam barn, together with eight foot skylights and ridge vents, provide a lot of natural light and good air quality.

“The HBR rotary gives us the ability to see our cows daily. We wanted a barn we could operate as efficiently as possible but still have direct contact with our cows.”

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DeLaval herringbone rotary HBR

Superior solutions for highest throughputs

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Farm Management

DelPro™ Activity meters

Improve herd health and increase reproduction results. DelPro BioModels turn the behavior of each animal into knowledge. Knowing the status of each animal empowers you to achieve your reproduction targets by identifying cows in heat. Finding sick cows will also ensure you maintain high standards of animal welfare. With DeLaval Activity Meters you are monitoring your cows, even when you are not there.

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Cow comfort

DeLaval swinging cow brush SCB

Use of the SCB will ensure a cleaner coat by removing dirt and debris, allowing cows to more effectively cool their bodies and put their energy into milk production.

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Farm Management

DelPro™ Farm Manager

DelPro Farm Manager presents the information captured, processed and analysed by DelPro to allow you to monitor the operation of your dairy farm from one easy to use application.

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Farm Management

DelPro™ Interactive data display

DelPro Interactive data display is the ultimate parlour application giving you another pair of eyes and ears whilst milking. The interactive data display is there to support you optimize the management of your cows by presenting the status of all cows being milked on each milking point in the parlour or rotary.

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Cow traffic

Delaval sort gate DSG10

The combination of DeLaval sort gate DSG10 with DeLaval DelPro ™ Farm Manager provides a simple and economical solution for sorting your cows based on various health checks needs and group assignments with minimal impact on cow flow. The robust design ensures reliable operation around the clock.

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Walking area

DeLaval footbath AFB1000

You can maintain an effective hoof care program in your herd while saving time and money, with the help of DeLaval automated footbath AFB1000.

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