Even MORE power in your pocket - DelPro Companion 1.1

More features you'll love out in the barn

DelPro Companion 1.1 is designed to make it even easier to work out in the barn with your animals, access the needed information you need to make decisions and record back accurately your findings and actions. Here are the latest features and improvements in Companion, part of the ultimate farm management platform DeLaval DelPro.

Additional attention reports to keep you informed

We want to make sure you have all the animals in need of attention within focus when working in the barn. In addition to the default reproduction attentions and activity reports we have now also added two reports containing cows that are currently receiving health treatments or cows that just finished being treated but still have an active meat withhold period.

  • Ongoing Treatment
  • Meat Withhold Days

Through the above two reports you can quickly access the animal card and find the number of treatment days remaining and withhold periods.

Add your visually observed animal BCS scores

In addition to the existing animal events that could be added for each animal, you are now also able to record manually observed BCS values in Companion. Go out into the barn, visually score the animal, and report your findings easily. If you work with the NZ 1-10 BCS scale, within DelPro FarmManager, farm settings, you can adjust the BCS evaluating system you want to work with. Either score 1-5 or 1-10.

If you wish to learn more how DelPro support you through capturing and analysing BCS data from our automated body condition-scoring camera, please continue reading here, or watch the story from Nicki.

Your worker mode now also works for multiple events at once

The Worker mode enables you to work efficiently with groups of animals when performing multiple events for many animals at once with different event results. With the newly introduced “Multi Select” functionality, you can use the worker mode not only for one event type at a time, but for multiple reproduction events (Heat, Insemination, Pregnancy Check and Dry Off). Based on the “reproduction due” status of the animal, Companion knows what event type we want to record for the animal.

Take an example; when an animal is pregnant, is close to being dry-off (has the dry off due status, and can be found on the attention report dry off due) – the event that will be shown and what we will be able to record is a dry-off event. The same principle applies for animals that pass the voluntary waiting period, receive the “insemination due” status, the event that we will record is an insemination event. It is important to realize that this function works best when you keep complete  and up to date records of the reproduction events of your animals. DelPro is then able to identify the “due” statuses, and Companion can present the accurate event to be recorded based on this assigned due status.

Streamline your Workflow with the ability to add a group change when recording other events

We want to streamline our DelPro Companion workflows as much as possible to fit within your daily checks and event recording habits. Companion user have told us that when recording an event, such as dry off, the animal group also needs to be changed. In order to make this simpler you can now choose, in application settings, to add group change to the workflow within the dry off, insemination, pregnancy check, abortion and treatment events. Next time when you treat an animal and move her to the attention group, the event recording can be completed in one workflow.

The little details matter

Besides these new features, we have also continued to work on general improvements of Companion. To give you a flavour for what we’ve added

  • You can now decide if you want to allow animals to be added in addition to the selected animals with the batch mode.
  • When recording events for animals whilst being offline (out of the wifi range), the events can be seen on the animal card as pending events.
  • The filter in the animal list is now further customizable in order to select multiple groups or reproduction status to be included.
  • You can now select a different language to be used for Companion compared to the mobile phone language used.
  • Within the search function, you can now also display the group details where the animal belongs to.

Note: DeLaval DelPro Companion requires that your farm has the DeLaval farm router, DeLaval wireless access point and DeLaval DelPro FarmManager 5.3 or higher installed. For any questions relating to compatibility with your farm please contact your DeLaval Dealer.


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