Cleaning consumables

High quality milk production requires regular cleaning of your milking plant. DeLaval has a wide range of surface cleaners and other products to assist you in this task.

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Cleaning consumables


DeLaval manual cleaner 20

A concentrated biodegradable liquid detergent specially formulated for hand cleaning of milking equipment. This foaming, neutral detergent is safe to handle and use and is mild on equipment. Recommended dosage is between 20 and 40 mls per 10 litres of water.

DeLaval hand soap

The range of soaps offers professional hand cleaners for heavy-duty, special sanitizing hand care. To be used before each milking and as regular skin care hand soap.

DeLaval foam cleaner

This product is designed for regular cleaning of heavily soiled areas in open-plants and when applied through a foam lance, it creates long-lasting foam on the surface. This provides optimal interaction between the soil and the product, without harming the equipment.

DeLaval dish cleaner

A high performance washing-up liquid that can be used for cleaning kitchenware and kitchens.

DeLaval parlour cleaner

This strongly foaming acid descaler is designed for use in open-plant cleaning on farms and should be applied with a foam lance. It is recommended for periodic removal of milk stone and hard water scale from external surfaces in the milking parlour and milk room.

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