It’s about focusing on your milk, not just detergents.

We don’t formulate and manufacture detergents because selling chemicals is all we do. We do it because dairy is all we do.

For 135 years we have been at the forefront of the dairy industry, designing, manufacturing, installing and operating more milking systems than probably anyone on the planet.

That’s why we also design, formulate and produce things like liners, oils and detergents that we know will work seamlessly with our systems to deliver the

results you expect from us, and that we expect from our systems.

As a result, we produce detergents that are focussed on delivering the highest quality milk. It means that, rather than just cleaned, with DeLaval you know that your milking system is Milk Ready.

We develop and produce detergents specifically formulated to work with the cleaning systems and processes used by modern milking systems.

This means they are fierce with contaminants, but gentle on your system and its components.


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