DeLaval VMS™ Supra+

DeLaval VMS™ Supra+ comes with all the standard features of the VMS but also includes the most advanced heat and health detection system on the market: DeLaval Herd Navigator™. It informs you if a cow is in danger of contracting acute mastitis or subclinical ketosis before you can notice it on a cow and pinpoints any cows in heat, including silent heats.

  • Early warning for mastitis
  • Early warning for ketosis
  • 95% heat detection accuracy
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DeLaval VMS™ Supra+

Key Benefits

Early warning of mastitis

DeLaval VMS™ adapts to each cow’s milking behaviour for the most comfortable and efficient milking. Notifications from DeLaval Herd Navigator™ inform you if a cow is in danger of contracting acute mastitis three days before you can notice it on a cow. You can trust the system and re-act before production drops and before you need to administer antibiotic treatment.

Early warning of ketosis

Get rid of clinical and even sub-clinical ketosis, and react before your cow gets sick and production drops. Optimise feeding by adjusting the energy balance in your feed ration and gain optimal production levels with healthy cows. DeLaval Herd Navigator™ provides accurate data that supports your daily herd management operations.

95% heat detection accuracy

95% heat detection rate – including detection of silent heat – gives you the chance to skip the day-to-day monitoring of your herd for signs of heat. DeLaval Herd Navigator™ will pinpoint the cows which are in heat and should be inseminated. You can practice active health control as the system gives you notifications about (follicular and luteal) cysts, anoestrus and abortions.

Avoid milk losses

DeLaval Herd Navigator™ diagnoses 50% more cases of clinical and subclinical ketosis than are normally detected. This enables immediate treatment, which helps to prevent milk losses of up to 600 kg milk per cow per lactation.

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