20 Years of VMS

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Leading with innovations

In 1997, 45 engineers worked around the clock to introduce the first DeLaval VMS™, the most advanced automatic milking system on the market. In addition to a large number of patents, the DeLaval VMS ™ had the first touch screen, the first teat cleaner, the first true quarter milking and also the first back plate to ensure hygiene during milking. 

We have compiled the milestones in the twenty-year history of VMS for you:

1997 : Completion of the first voluntary milking system VMS ™ and installation at DeLaval's own Hamra plant in Sweden. 
1998 : Installation of the first five DeLaval VMS ™ family businesses in Sweden. 
2000 : First DeLaval VMS ™ with real quarterly milking. 
2001 : The 100th DeLaval VMS ™ milking station is ordered. 
2005 : Commissioning of the 1.000. DeLaval VMS ™ milking station on a farm in Holland. 
2005 : First DeLaval VMS ™ with the unique cell counting system OCC ™. 
2006 : Commissioning of the first DeLaval VMS ™ with Herd Navigator ™ technology. 
2010 :  Market launch of the world's first fully automatic milking parlor DeLaval AMR ™  . 
2015 : DeLaval VMS ™ - much more than just an automatic milking system - The new Model with Body Condition Scoring (BCS) camera is introduced. 
2017 : DeLaval celebrates 20 years of experience in automatic milking with more than 15,000 reference farms.

The next generation

Over the past 20 years, the DeLaval VMS™ robotic milking system has undergone many technological advances to steadily improve milking on dairy farms around the world. We can now incorporate a Body Condition Scoring Camera for daily measurement of cows' body condition.


The DeLaval VMS ™ feeling

Once you've seen and experienced automatic milking with the DeLaval VMS ™ milking robot, you do not want to go back to your old milking system. It gives you more freedom to manage your business and take on other responsibilities. From a total of over 10,000 farmers' experiences, you can read some local ones here.


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