Calf Care Promotion

Closes 30th September 2018

When you invest in your calves, you're investing in your future


Purchase a Calf Care Combo and save $32.10 excl GST!


1 x 20L Colostrum Preserver

For prolonging the life of colostrum, stops formation of harmful toxins and inhibits bacterial growth.

1 x 20L Santech TC

A broad spectrum disinfectant for surface disinfection and has broad spectrum biocidal activity.

1 x 22kg bag DryMaxx

DryMaxx is a natural bedding treatment which has a high moisture absorption and ammonia neutralising properties, to help keep stall surfaces dry and bacteria levels low. It can be applied in a shed, calving pen, barn or walkway - wherever cows or calves walk and rest.

Buy any further bags of DryMaxx and get $10.00 off the RRP price per bag.


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