Liners Promotion

Closes 30th September 2018

For every 10 sets of liners purchased, receive 1 set free!

It's time to change your liners and tubes

Regular replacement of liners, tubing, rubber bends and rubber elbows is the key to healthy udders, optimum productivity, faster milk out and higher quality milk.

Talk to your local DeLaval dealer today to receive 1 set FREE with every 10 sets of liners purchased.


Why replace your liners on time?

  • The roughness of the liners inner surface increases with age. This enables the bacteria in the liners to survive the cleaning and sanitation process.
  • Worn liners result in reduced stimulation of the teat end, causing more congestion and oedema.
  • The massage force of overused liners is reduced when compared to a new liner.

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