DeLaval Automatic Milking Rotary AMR™

DeLaval Automatic Milking Rotary - AMR™ is the latest in rotary technology. Having five task-specific hydraulic robots it enables you to achieve up to 1,600 fully automatic milkings every day. DeLaval AMR™ is designed to meet your farm management needs.

  • Save on labour
  • True quarter milking
  • 5 task specific robots
  • Improved teat health
  • Minimum milk harvesting costs

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DeLaval Automatic Milking Rotary AMR™

Key Benefits

Save on labour

  • Up to 50% labour savings
  • Improved morale and job satisfaction
  • Lower milk harvesting costs

Staff can do other jobs on the farm instead of the physically-demanding milking chores. They can round up cows for milking, clean cubicles, feed cows or monitor the milking process while your cows are being milked.

True quarter milking

If you want to maximise milk extraction in the most effective and healthy manner possible, true quarter milking is a must. Each teat is fully milked and the individual cup take-off prevents over milking. This is good for teat ends and ensures that maximum milk yield is harvested after each milking. Milk from each teat is monitored and analysed for flow rate, milk yield, blood and conductivity levels.

5 task specific robots

  • Robots 1-2: Cleaning and pre-milking.
  • Robots 3-4: Attaching
  • Robots 5: Teat spraying

With five task-specific robots we ensure that the risk of cross-contamination between cows – via cups and milk lines – is kept to a minimum. With specialised robots each milking task is performed optimally.

DeLaval Automatic Milking Rotary AMR™

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