"With support like that, it makes it a whole lot easier to be successful."

Diederich farm was looking to improve their capacity by bringing in 4 VMS to milk their 300 cows. What they didn’t anticipate was that DeLaval would be with them every step of the way.

“Since we have installed the VMS, we had already over 65 cows per robot. And it was not a problem for the VMS to keep up at that number. Having directed cow traffic allowed us to use the robot nearly 100% of the time, because every cow that is stepping foot into it is a cow that has permission to be milked and has enough milk to make it worthwhile. So this allows us to concentrate our milking and time on the animals that will reward us the most. As a result, we are able to milk those cows that need to be milked more often. I definitely recommend VMS to other producers.”

Diederich farm was also thrilled of the time saved milking and also being able to check up on the farm remotely. “I am remotely connected to the farm, I can log in from wherever I am into my operation and see how things are doing, and I can clear alarms if they are minor.”

Diederich Farm

Wisconsin, USA


Cow Herds




The VMS does a lot of things for us in terms of milk quality, and monitoring the animals.

“The DelPro software is so easy to understand and use. It allows me to go in and make all sorts of reports, which I can send to a consultant or a veterinarian. I can even have them log onto my computer. The touch screen is very nice because it allows me to manipulate things that I may need to do – when I’m bringing in a new animal, for instance. The responsiveness of the screen is what’s very nice. I can operate it while wearing my winter gloves!”

“I definitely recommend VMS to other producers because the support you receive from DeLaval and your dealer is phenomenal. And with support like that, it makes it a whole lot easier to be successful, and DeLaval have been top-notch in their support to me.”

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