“The cows are happy, which makes us more profitable, and in turn, everyone enjoys working in a comfortable environment.”

For the last 30 years, Hildebrandt Farms has worked to improve cow comfort, no matter the herd size or facility. The farm originally milked 150 cows in a tie-stall barn, then increased to milking 400 in a double-10 herringbone parlor. The family is currently milking 800 cows three times per day on the DeLaval parallel rotary PR3100HD.

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Hildebrandt Farms

South Beloit, IL, USA

Hildebrandt Farms


Holstein, Brown Swiss, Jersey



Every expansion has had the comfort of the cows and future of the family farm behind it. With the most recent expansion to 800 cows, a rotary looked like the best fit for both. The Hildebrandt brothers, Ken and Don, have farmed together since after high school and are now looking at the role of the next generation on the family dairy. “We thought that’s where the technology would be in the future. Our children are coming home to farm and this is where the technology and efficiency are going to be,” says Amy Hildebrandt, co-owner.

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Hildebrandt says the biggest benefit she’s seen with the rotary falls right in line with one of the goals they’ve always had. “Cow comfort – the cows like going on [the rotary], the robotics are efficient, it’s less labor intensive.”

A DeLaval teat spraying robot TSR  accompanies the rotary as another measure to maintain cow health. The Hildebrandts have also paired the DeLaval DelPro™ farm management system with DeLaval activity meters to help monitor reproduction, feeding and animal health.

Additional cow comfort solutions include cross-ventilated barns equipped with fans, good lighting and curtains for temperature control. Cows are bedded with composted bedding – yet another way for the Hildebrandts to keep the cows comfortable and the farm sustainable for generations to come.

“The cows are happy, which makes us more profitable, and in turn, everyone enjoys working in a comfortable environment.”

Our solutions

Learn more about the DeLaval solutions that help Hildebrandt Farms maximize animal welfare.


DeLaval parallel rotary PR3100HD

The fastest rotary system around ensuring high quality, high performance and a fast return on your investment.

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DeLaval teat spray robot TSR

DeLaval teat spray robot TSR automates the benefits of pre and post teat spray application, maintaining cow health while reducing labor. One of the first automatic teat spray solutions for parallel rotaries, the TSR provides an accurate, optimal and consistent method for applying teat spray after milking.

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Farm Management

DelPro™ Activity meters

Improve herd health and increase reproduction results. DelPro BioModels turn the behavior of each animal into knowledge. Knowing the status of each animal empowers you to achieve your reproduction targets by identifying cows in heat. Finding sick cows will also ensure you maintain high standards of animal welfare. With DeLaval Activity Meters you are monitoring your cows, even when you are not there.

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Cow traffic

Delaval sort gate DSG10

The combination of DeLaval sort gate DSG10 with DeLaval DelPro ™ Farm Manager provides a simple and economical solution for sorting your cows based on various health checks needs and group assignments with minimal impact on cow flow. The robust design ensures reliable operation around the clock.

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