"We knew calves would benefit from an extra feeding, but we simply did not have the time or man power to do that.”

Passion for both family and caring for cows runs deep in Copenhagen, New York at Jones Family Farm. A big change to the calf care program has contributed to better work efficiency and animal welfare that benefits the whole herd, as well as the family.


Jones Family Farm

Copenhagen, NY, USA

Jones Family Farm






Jones Family Farm is owned by Pete and Sandy Jones. Their children, Zack, and his wife, Mindy, and daughter Melissa, and her husband, Cody, in addition to two other sons, Ben and Isiah,  and grandchildren all pitch in and work together to add to the success of their family farm.


In July of 2014, the Jones family installed a DeLaval automatic calf feeder CF1000+. Calves start on the automatic feeder at day three and are weaned at day 60. The Jones family states calves on the CF1000+ quickly outpaced older calves not fed on the CF1000+ — resulting in more quickly-growing calves and decreasing the age of breeding, with first time heifers calving in at 22 months of age versus the previous 24 months.

"We absolutely have no regrets installing the automatic calf feeder," says Pete. "Just look at the calves – you can tell by their depth of rib, they are going to grow into big and strong milk cows."

The Jones Family chose to continue their long-lasting relationship with DeLaval, truly appreciating the quality service. They milk 135 cows and farm 500 acres of corn, corn silage, hay and haylage—all goes back to feed their herd.

"We knew calves would benefit from an extra feeding, but we simply did not have the time or man power to do that.”

Our solutions

Learn more about the DeLaval solutions that help Jones Family Farm maximize work efficiency and animal welfare.


DeLaval DelPro™ MU480 milking unit

The MU480 features a highly-accurate, ICAR-approved milk meter and the ability to wirelessly connect to DeLaval farm management software.

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DeLaval calf feeder CF1000S

Automatic calf feeders are an efficient and effective method to achieve intensive calf feeding. Automatic calf feeders, such as the DeLaval CF1000S, offer the ability to manage and track the feeding program of each animal. Significant labor savings are also a potential benefit of the CF1000S.

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