“I think the carrier rail is a bit faster – and even if it’s the same amount of time, you can milk in fewer steps.”

After purchasing the farm from his parents and making some big renovations for cow comfort, Adam Faust incorporated a few solutions that helped him work more comfortably and efficiently.

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Faust Farms

Chilton, WI, USA

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Faust milks 70 cows in a tie-stall barn in Chilton, WI. In 2015, he upgraded his tie-stall barn with deeper bedding, larger stalls and better ventilation. Then, for his own comfort and added efficiency, he installed a carrier rail. “The carrier rail is the only way I could milk cows in a tie stall barn,” Faust says. “We looked at parlors and robots, but that would require loose housing, which isn’t ideal for my balance issues.”

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With a prosthetic leg, Faust is able to use the carrier rail for balance as he moves around the barn during chores and milkings, and it has also helped him gain efficiencies. “It allows you to fine-tune your steps,” he says. “There’s a place to put the units between cows, and you can move eight units around the barn at a time!”

Faust uses DeLaval DelPro™ MU486 milking units to track production across the herd and individually. The units connect wirelessly to the DelPro farm manager system to record, monitor and analyze data from each milking. “It’s great being able to see what cows are giving, up to the minute and accurately,” Faust says. “I feel like I know something’s wrong before the cow does.”

Faust has even more changes planned for his farm in the future, including a new heifer facility with activity monitoring for heat detection.

“I think the carrier rail is a bit faster – and even if it’s the same amount of time, you can milk in fewer steps.”

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