“What we used to do with five people, we can now do with three.”

At Kilchis Mist Dairy, Tillamook, Oregon, the Averill Family has been milking cows for three generations. Half of the herd today is milked by six DeLaval VMS™ robots.


Kilchis Mist Dairy

Tillamook, OR, USA

Kilchis Mist Dairy


Jersey, Holstein & crossbreeds



The milk-first, guided cow traffic set-up encourages cows to visit the DeLaval VMS™ an average of 2.5 times a day, while each barn’s automated DeLaval Feed Pusher ensures there is something for the cow at the feedbunk when she’s finished milking.  


But something else has happened. The atmosphere has changed on the farm. The six DeLaval Swinging Cow Brushes may be partly to thank, but either way, farm owner Donnie Averill likes how calm and docile the cows in the robotic barns are compared to their conventionally milked cows.

“The robots let the cows do their thing. As a result, I think the longevity of our cows will increase. Instead of getting 3-4 lactations per cow, I think we can get 1-2 more with the robots.”

Another clear advantage of installing the new system has been the farm’s reduction in labor.  “What we used to do with five people, we can now do with three.”

“What we used to do with five people, we can now do with three.”

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Learn more about the DeLaval solutions that help the Averill family improve their productivity and improve animal welfare.


DeLaval VMS™

The ultimate automatic milking machine. The Voluntary Milking System VMS™ enables you to harvest the maximum milk yield from your herd, while freeing-up time for you and your staff to focus on other duties.

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Herd Management

DeLaval DelPro™

A complete dairy farm management system that monitors, records and analyzes data to help you make those all important farming decisions.

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Cow comfort

DeLaval swinging cow brush SCB

Use of the SCB will ensure a cleaner coat by removing dirt and debris, allowing cows to more effectively cool their bodies and put their energy into milk production.

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